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Mystic Hills Academy - An InsaneJournal RP - RP Promotions for the site RP Promotions
Mystic Hills Academy - An InsaneJournal RP

Mystic Hills Academy for the Gifted

On a plane of existence far excused from the knowledge of humans lies a community of mystical beings with one grand purpose: to forge a new future for younger generations where they do not have to hide the gifts they have been given. A place free of social prejudice and scorn of the different. Founded centuries ago, Mystic Hills Academy for the Gifted offers children and young adults training in their personal arts as well as the tools and guidance to help them grow where other societies may cause their gifts to be smothered and lost.

All walks of mystical being are allowed, given they are willing to abide by the rules of the elders and faculty. There is no need for tuition, or any money at all - all expenses are a moot point. Social status, wealth and upbringing have no meaning in this academy, so check your bank account at the door. The school caters to all ages from elementary aged children to collegiate. Room and board are provided, as well as a means to return back to the human realm so that no one need raise suspicion to their loved ones. To any human that knew of a student - they would simply know they were given a full scholarship to an incredibly elite school. To those that have no family to call their own - they are provided with a chance to create their own, in fellow students and elders that are willing to mentor them, listen to their problems, and help them cope and overcome them.

Once accepted into the Academy, a new student is placed under one of the eight guardian elders based upon their elemental alignment. From there, the students classification is established and they are introduced to instructors that are specifically skilled in their field to train and bolster their abilities. Alongside this specialized education are more standard courses that most students would take - though they are catered more towards mystical empowerment and education. Students are not judged by grade in Mystic Hills - but by their true ability - allowing for the truly gifted to quickly excel and not be stifled, while those that have more to learn are given more hands on training without the pressure of being the same as the rest. Dorms are separated by compatibility and elemental alignment, as well as a particular students needs.

If there are any questions, you are encouraged to message the moderator account directly so that we may assist you accordingly. If you are interested in our game, but not sure what you would be interested in playing - or, if you are unsure of how to classify your idea, please send your ideas to the mod account and we will aid you in the application.

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