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RP Promotions for the site RP Promotions
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This is the sister site of:


If you state in the ad that I may add this to my site I will.

For this community please have banner then the promotion so when I do add it to my site I don’t have to keep asking for a link to banner for the add.

In ad state: Name of RP, age range, fandom (if any) link to the place hosted ( LJ, GJ, Forum...) Banner, if there is a application please give link,character list.

1) The RPG does not need to be on LiveJournal, or even a journal-based RPG. It can be a Messageboard game, an e-mail game, a chatroom game, so on and so forth.

2) We do not accept advertisements for games that are Massive Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG), since those are corporate-created and run, or for live action/tabletop games, since those have a very limited local/regional focus, as opposed to global. The odds of there being people within that exact region who are interested in that particular game in a generalized community are not exactly in your favor.

3) Your RPG can be based off a show, book, movie, existing RPG campaign genres, or purely original.

4) Advertising a game is limited to once a week for that particular game. If one person has multiple RPGs, they can post more than once a week, provided each post is about a different RPG. (and no, sneaking under the radar by having another RPG you've already promoted that month riding on the coattails of another promotion is NOT allowed.)

5) This is NOT for advertising personal fictional LJs. There is already a communities for that. This is only for the advertisement and search of RPG LJ Communities and other Online RPGs. Do not advertise non-RPG related things here, post quizes, surveys, off-topic entries. They WILL be deleted.

6) You must include the game name in the subject line of your post, and somewhere in the post, you must also state the date of your last post advertising that particular game, if applicable.

7) If you belong to an RPG, and you're going to promote it, make the other people in your RPG aware of this fact. Lack of communication on your part does not constitute a concern on our part. We will ban repeat offenders who don't communicate with each other well enough to coordinate who's promoting what.

8)You may advertise that you are looking for a rp to jump in to all so if you wish to add the advertisment to the site just state that you do.

9)if you wish to contact me please email: sm.malfoy@gmail.com
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